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Fostering creativity and confidence through music

Music Lens is an introductory summer program for elementary school students that instills confidence, enthusiasm for learning, and love for classical music. Through engaging daily activities, students interact with music by listening and responding to a wide variety of musical masterpieces and by exploring music theory and history.


The program is free and available to any second, third, or fourth grader, though we particularly seek to work with communities underrepresented in classical music - specifically black and Latinx children - as well as students and families who experience financial barriers to music education and enriching summer programs. No prior musical experience is required!


Music Lens is entirely free for all participants. We have 501(c)(3) non-profit status through our fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas and rely on our donors to allow the program continue to do its work year after year. Please give generously!

Parent of a Music Lens Student

"I shouldn't be, but I'm shocked by how much he loves camp. He says that classical music is his thing now, and he always wants to be here. He comes home every afternoon and makes instruments."