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Register for Music Lens Cleveland

Music Lens is free and available to any second, third, or fourth grader, though we particularly seek to work with communities underrepresented in classical music--specifically black and Latinx children--as well as families that experience financial barriers to music education and enriching summer programs. No prior musical experience is required!

Music Lens is not hosting sessions in Cleveland in 2021. To be notified when Cleveland camps are available, please leave your email below.

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Music Lens Cleveland: Fairfax

 PNC Fairfax Connection

8220 Carnegie Avenue

Cleveland, OH

Registration is only available by phone or in person at the Fairfax connection. Please call 216-391- 4677 to sign up, and the center will be happy to assist you.

Music Lens Cleveland: Cleveland Heights

St. Paul's Episcopal Church

2747 Fairmount Boulevard

Cleveland, OH 

Early drop-offs available! 

Music Lens Cleveland: Tremont

Pilgrim Congregational Church

2592 W 14th Street

Cleveland, OH 

Early drop-offs available! 

What are early drop-offs?

Early drop-offs allow working parents to coordinate childcare with their busy schedules. During early drop-off, students are supervised but not given guided instruction. 
Does your schedule make it hard for you to drop your child off at the time Music Lens starts? Tell us what time would be easiest for you, and we'll do our best to accommodate!

Questions before signing up?  Email us at

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